Top 10 MUST EXPERIENCE Events in Reno-Tahoe

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best of Reno-Tahoe! In this video, I take you on an immersive journey through my top ten must-see events in the Reno and Lake Tahoe areas, which are a must-add to your calendar if you’re local or planning to move here. You’ll experience everything from the awe-inspiring Great Reno Balloon Races to the adrenaline-packed Reno Rodeo, the vibrant Hot August Nights car show, the mouth-watering West Rib Cook-Off, and more! So whether you are new to Reno, thinking of moving to the area, or looking for something new to do, we have got you covered.

And yes, we even have some bonus events that didn’t make the top ten list but are too good to miss! Watch till the end to uncover these hidden gems and upgrade your fun factor. Not just a list, this video is a passport to a packed summer full of unforgettable experiences, a celebration of Reno-Tahoe’s vibrant culture, and the start of your love affair with the region.

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